Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Papergang Unboxing: Gemma Correll


I recently received my third Papergang box as a gift! I do not have a monthly subscription to them, it's more that when they reveal the theme or the artist I'll then choose. It was another Gemma Correll box so of course...

Indecisively Untitled Blog/Gemma Correll Papergang
Contents of the box 

The premise of Papergang is that it is a monthly subscription, or you can do a one off payment of £10.95 (+£2.95 UK delivery) whereby,

Each month you will receive a box filled with brilliant stationery and other paper products. The product selection will vary but will include the likes of greeting cards, notebooks, desk accessories, and art prints. 

Almost all products will be exclusive to the Papergang before selected items of the content go on sale in Ohh Deer's shop.
(Taken from here

Indecisively Untitled Blog/Gemma Correll Papergang2

Indecisively Untitled Blog/Gemma Correll Papergang3

This months box included:
Pack of three pens (£7.95) 
Post it notes (£3.50) 
A5 notepad (£5.95) 
Pack of stickers (£3.95) 
Greeting card (£2.50) 
Printed October calendar (price unavailable) 

I really love this box and think it is great value for money with the contents working out at £23.95 (RRP). My one qualm with this subscription is that I've never received the Drew Patch that new members receive in their first box and neither did the person that gifted this to me :(  
But, as always I love Gemma Correll's quirky illustrations, with my favourite items being the sticky notes and stickers. 

If you would like to purchase a Papergang box it would be lovely if you could use my referral code here, this post is not sponsored, the referral code is something everyone can do and allows you to receive a free box once two people have signed up through using it.

I hope you have a great day and thank you for stopping by.  

Friday, 25 August 2017

Rocking Friday: Week 7

From 18/08/2017-25/08/2017

Hi guys,

How are you? This week has flown past and it's time for Rocking Friday, I won't lie, I thought it was Thursday, but here we go :)

So after meeting le boyfriend from work, we decided to try out a new coffee place (to us), whose signs had been catching my eye for months, but my worry that it would be a really cool little expensive place put me off. So we followed the signs and it was a really lovely place, it was relatively expensive, but then I'm relatively frugal/stingy/cheap/economical (pick your synonym, I'm it) so I think it was probably okay-ish. What matters is the tea was yummy as was the millionaire's shortbread we shared...because have I mentioned I'm supposed to be eating healthy?! ;)

Breakfast tea at Garage Coffee

I was dreading my driving lesson. It had been three weeks since my last, as my instructor was on holiday, and I was sure that everything was going to have escaped the feeble grips of my memory and I would be regressing back a few lessons. But, I did it! We did a couple of refresher circuits around my neighbourhood, took to the roundabout circuit we do, which I was sure the repetition of was going to be the entirety of the lesson because there is one that I struggle with. We were approaching one of the roundabouts after already going over a couple when he tells me that instead of this roundabout we're going to turn left and keep going.

After driving a bit I'm told to go faster, 'it's the national speed limit here so more gas... that's it...more gas keep going' I look at the speedometer, I'm going past 40 into 50, he tells me how to change into 5th gear. At a couple of points, I was doing 70, and I was on a dual carriageway!

I'm pretty sure I overtook someone and managed lots of little roundabouts and saw some lovely villages in Canterbury.

Although I was really tired at the end of this hour and a half lesson, it re-excited me about learning to drive, and assured me that surely I'm doing okay if I can come off of the roundabout circuit, if I'm being trusted (I know there are dual controls!) to go at such speed?!

Yesterday we went to see Dunkirk. I had been wanting to see this since the trailers first came out. I'm not sure why, it just felt like something I needed to go and see. I thought it was amazing, I was so on edge throughout the whole film, and definitely believe it to be a film everyone should see. It was incredible, everything about it, and the music used was so well done.

I can't explain it but the film made me feel...I think emotional, I was sad, happy, grateful, a bit shaken, and amazed. I  knew what happened, but seeing it is something else.

Image Source

Other smiles:
  1. WELL DONE to Mum and sister's exam results, I knew you'd do it. So proud of you both :)
  2. New slippers and mugs.
  3. Getting really excited about possible future things, I've been looking at Anthropology and realised it's something I've always been interested in, the different way of life throughout history, across cultures, different societies. It's also probably the reason why my favourite module at uni is what it is because I get to learn a bit about the way of life for the Anglo-Saxons. I don't know what this means, I'm not sure how to get into this field, a masters perhaps, or what careers you can get from it, but it's the first time in a while I haven't felt completely lost about whats coming next. I don't know if this is what I'll do, but I'll focus on it, along with uni, until I know, or something else excites me.
  4. James Corden's Carpool Karaoke...in specific the Bruno Mars and Harry Style episodes. I just love these. They make me so happy watching them and I've watched these two so many times. They just make me smile and giggle. I love the relationship he has with these two, especially Harry. 

Little reminder to self: Over the past few weeks I've mentioned I've been feeling down, and I'm in a really good place this week, I've been pushing myself to let things go a bit better, things I have no control over that get to me, people, mistakes, or as I've just mentioned, my future. I feel so much happier, and I know it's inevitable that I'm going to get worried, or I'll panic, I'm still going to get mad, and I'll also get sad. But letting go is a problem for me, which I didn't realise until now. I just thought it was worth a mention, even if only for myself to look back on the next time I'm feeling down about something. 

That will be all for this week, I hope you've had and will have, a great week.

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"
 Albus Dumbledore

Friday, 18 August 2017

Rocking Friday: Two in One

From 04/08/18 - 18/08/19


Apologies for not posting last week, I tried, I bullet pointed out my post, I edited the pictures, but I couldn't seem to get more than that. I'm not sure why, a case of writer's block I think. I'm not sure how this will go because I still feel like words are not coming together properly, but I'm combining the two weeks for this post so, grab a cuppa, it might get long ;)

Click on the image :) 

Sunday 6th 
On Sunday my little sister Ruby came to stay. My Mum and little brother dropped her off, it was lovely to have a nice cuppa before the ensuing busy and filled days! The first thing Roo wanted to do was go to the park which is just a ten minute walk from my house, she loved the zip-wire and the swinging/hanging/spinning thing! (I'll insert a picture for reference!) We then went to get a food shop so that she could pick what she wanted to eat for the week. This included pizza, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, popcorn, ice cream, and frozen fruit for smoothie making.

The swinging/hanging/spinning thing!

On this day we went to subway for lunch and then to the local Roman museum, this was really cool to look at as it showed the way of life, working life, as well as what Canterbury would have looked like. They also had some of the walls and corridors that you could look at. We went on a day that they had activities running for £1 so she made a Roman finger puppet.

Dressed in armour 

Today it was raining heavily and thundering so we decided on an indoor day. We made butterflies for her to stick up in her room when she got home, as well as some Frozen themed cupcakes.

Butterfly craft

Ruby then played Minecraft with Conner, which she had been after for the previous two days...I don't get why but okay! And then we had a movie night where we watched half of Home Alone (she doesn't like the part where he sets the traps for the burglars!) and the Bee Movie, as well as lots of The Big Bang Theory.

Minecraft hide and seek

By this day the rain had cleared and it was hot again. We decided on going for a picnic and a play in the bigger park closer to the City Centre.

Ruby was headed home so we decided to have a bit of a lazy morning before heading out for some lunch at Wetherspoons. We then had a quick look around the shops, a little play in another park which is closer to the train station, before catching the train to drop Ruby off.

Monday 14th
I met up with a friend I made in the first year of uni. I hadn't seen her for maybe a year, which is such a shame but we both agreed we need to try and do it more often. We went for lunch at, you guessed it, Wetherspoons! Wondered around the town, and spent a good few hours chatting before she left for her train home.

I am a sucker for homeware. I desperately want a whole space, like a flat, to decorate. Living in my student house I can decorate my room, to an extent, but it gets me a bit down seeing the rest of the house just bare. We agreed when we moved in that we'd make it homely and "ours" but I thit's its more important to me, which is fine of course, but it does get me down. Is that silly? I'm also worried about pushing my own style onto the others that live here because I'm aware it isn't the same as theirs.

But the boyfriend saw that it was getting me down so we decided to go for a rummage around town to get a couple of subtle bits for the house. We only managed to get a candle and a mop, as well as a lovely new succulent to live in my room! We also went for dinner at Nandos where I tried the Sunset Burger which was really yummy, with some salted peri chips to share and a minty pea side (my attempt at being healthy!)

My lovely new succulent from M&S

I had my other sister come for a sleepover. We had a little shop and then lunch in Kaspas. I then bought some lovely flowers to pop in the living room. When we got back we watched a couple of films, including Pride and Prejudice with Zombies. And then we had a bit of a throwback and played buzz on the PlayStation 2!

Mine is the M&M waffle and Phe's is the Nuts About Choc waffle

Phoebe was going home this day so we had a lazy morning and wandered into town to have another look around the shops. We then went to Waterstones for a cuppa and then to Tesco to get a few picnic bits and sit in the lovely gardens near the river to munch and chat.

Other smiles
  1. Buying bamboo wood, I needed this to for the climbers I planted in the garden that are growing so well! 
  2. Even though I have spent a lot this month, it's been nice to enjoy my money more. I always worry and try to save as much as I can but I have started allowing myself to enjoy my money, whilst also saving, in the form of going for coffee more, going for lunch or dinner more often etc. 
  3. I gave myself a bit of a rest last night, I got a bit stressed, I'm not altogether sure on how to explain why, I think it was the constant flow of social activity. It may not seem like a lot but in between having my sisters over I've had work and my boyfriend has had friends come to stay, so the past two weeks have been pretty busy and socially hectic! I sat in front of my laptop and caught up on YouTube and did some Harry Potter reading. 
  4. The comments on my last post. Thank you so much. I love reading them and thank you so much for the advice. 
  5. Getting into The Walking Dead again. We started watching Season 6 (I think, the one with the super herd). 
And that's that for me, I hope you've had a lovely week and be sure to link up with Virginia if you've written a post. 

Until next time :) 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A list of 20...

...Things I want to do or achieve before I turn 21


A little while after I turned 20 I decided to make a list of things that I wanted to achieve before my next birthday. This was partly because 21 is considered a big birthday but partly because I always feel as though I haven't achieved enough with the year by the time New Years rolls around, and then again by my birthday. It also seemed like a good way to push myself to do things I'd maybe been putting off thus far. In no particular order, on with the list...

1. Go on a trip
I went to Amsterdam in February of this year (wow that feels like so long ago!) with my boyfriend and it was so great. (Would anyone like a post on this?) We went with a student package company and it just makes me want to do another one! So, I'd really like to fit in another trip before my 21st.

2. Learn to drive
I've always wanted to drive, I'm not sure why, I enjoy public transport but it's just always felt like a step I've wanted to take. I have recently started taking driving lessons, but I hope to have passed my test, so we'll see ;)

3. Practice Italian
I took Beginners Italian in my first year at university, I really enjoyed it and actually got a first in that module. Italy is a place that I've loved and wanted to visit for so long and I thought it would be so cool to learn the language. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue in my second year as it clashed with one of my other modules :( I want to try and practice more so that what I've learned doesn't completely go out of my head.

4. Go to a concert
I have only been to a couple of concerts in my life: Beyonce and Tom Jones. Quite different, but I loved them both. I'd love to go see someone like James Bay, Mumford and Sons, Bastille, Kodaline...so many! Anyone soft rocky or alternative or folk rock I'm up for!

Tom Jones concert last month :D

5. Learn to be more positive
I do try to be quite a positive and smiley person in general but there can often be times where I feel sad or gloomy and I find it hard to get myself out of that mindset. Learning to find a positive solution to problems will really help me I think. One of the ways I've been trying to have a more positive outlook is through the Rocking Friday posts, which I really think helps me to be able to pick out and notice the positives that would otherwise slip from memory.

6. Start documenting memories
As I've mentioned previously, I have an absolutely awful memory, it's probably hereditary, thanks mum ;). But I have noticed that when I look back on my Rocking Posts there's usually bits and pieces that I've forgotten. So I'm glad to have it there to read and refresh. But I'd also maybe like to think of some other way of documenting...maybe I'll print off pictures and stick them into a book or something, I don't think I want to go back to scrapbooking just yet because it takes a lot of time but a little summary of the picture would be nice!

7. Make a list of goals/serious career options
Ah. So. This is a tough one. I am the most indecisive person if you hadn't already guessed! I thought I had figured out my whole career route. I even had an 8-year plan. But, I've changed my mind and now I am stuck. The problem is everything appeals to me, police work, teaching, publishing, advertising, TV, writing, interior design etc etc. I am also studying a degree that is easily applicable to a number of careers so although I am incredibly lucky in that respect, it also means I am more stuck...and I graduate next year...ah I'll get there!

8. Figure out my next steps after uni
Once I figure out my goals I can achieve this one! I know that I'll probably try to do an internship or two, and I want to get a flat and also do some travelling. But I want to try to expand on this!

9. Tone up/get my body to a shape that makes me feel confident
I would love to finally get on my game with toning up and eating healthier, I constantly say I'm going to do it and 2017 was going to be my year for health and fitness...it's now August...where did that time go?!

10. Dye my hair pink
This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time. I have purchased a couple of boxes of blonde a little lighter than my natural hair colour, hopefully, that'll be enough to lighten it and then on with the pink! I think I'll do the ends first, like the image below, and then if I like it, take it higher or across all of my hair!

Image Source

11. Overcome a fear
Definitely not spiders, there's no getting over that one. But my fear of what other people think of me really makes me struggle to do what I want to do, wear the clothes I want to wear, talk to new people etc. So I'd like to make some progress here.

12. Learn/start to learn, to play an instrument
I have a guitar so I'd either like to learn that or the piano/keyboard.

13. Start to develop and be comfortable wearing the style I would like to have
I wear quite simple clothes as I have a worry that if I wear something more to the style I would like to have, then people would judge me or feel as though someone else would be better off wearing it! I don't really know what I would call the style I'd like to have, somewhere within boho, alternative, stripes, grunge, and retro... I think?

Indecisively Untitled Blog: Style Board
My Pinterest style board (linked in picture) 

14. Find a hobby
I'm thinking I'd quite like to get back into painting or drawing or something like that.

15. Reread Harry Potter series
If you know me then you'll know how much I love Harry Potter, I have little bits of merch here and there in my room, from my Diagon Alley sign to my time turner to my little cauldron tealight holders! I've already started doing this now but I want to reread the series again!

16. Watch all of the Harry Potter films
*Whispering* I've never actually seen all the films...
I know I know my friends told me off when they found out, apparently it's an injustice! Hoping to do this one in the very near future.

17. Try a sport
I'm not a sporty person but I'd quite like to give tennis or badminton a go.

18. Get something published
Part of my course is Creative and Professional Writing so it would be quite nice if I could get an article published on a website, I'm not sure yet but something small, I'm not thinking a novel just yet ;)

19. Try to worry less
Urm, yeah, I worry too much and like my fear of being judged it holds me back a lot. So I'd like to do something to get past this.

20. Get a tattoo...maybe
This is very very much a maybe! I've wanted the same tattoo for about 3 years now and a couple of others have come into the mix along the line. I still want to get the first one the most but I am so worried about the pain...especially as I want it on my side/ribs. I wish I knew a way to test if I can take the pain before I do it! Maybe I'll do it before I'm 22 instead, or before 30. We'll see!

Images found by searching "lavender tattoo" into pinterest

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you don't mind the long post!
Have a lovely day. :)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Rocking Friday: Week 4


I'm a tiny bit late this week, terribly sorry but I needed to snap some pictures and couldn't get any I was happy with...

Anyways how are you? How has your week been?

I met up with my Mum in Faversham. I haven't been there in years but it's so lovely there, I love towns that have old parts and buildings.

We did a bit of shopping and grabbed some food in Wetherspoons. We got my favourite breakfast, Eggs Benedict :D and a bowl of fruit. So yummy!


...and pud ;) 

It was really nice to see Mum and spend some one on one time together as well as pick up some bargains around the town.

Got this Youtuber book for my sister's birthday present (£2)
and this "barbed wire" plant for myself (£1) 

Some more smiles:
  1. Monday we went to do our food shop and I finally got to use the new Click and Go beeper machines. It's basically where you get to scan your food as you go round and pack them into bags and then just pay and leave without going through a checkout. 
  2. I got a quite down midweek and am feeling very lucky that the boyfriend is putting up with my emotional side lately. 
  3. Made a start on tidying the house yesterday, had been neglecting it for a couple of weeks but I feel so much better when the house is tidy.
  4. Organised plans for little sister and older little sister to come for a visit. 

Quite a short post this week, I hope you don't mind. I've been struggling to get myself out of a procrastination mood lately. 

As usual, click the image to be taken to Virginia's page where you can join in! 

See you soon :) 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Rocking Friday Week 3

From 22/07/17 -28/07/17

Hi guys,

It's been a bit of a quiet week this week, spent mostly indoors or running errands so not much to tell of, however, I will try to rummage out the positives that have shone through this week!

So, on Wednesday I got some new glasses. I was long overdue (as in a year overdue...) an opticians appointment and I finally booked it and went along like a grown up person who very much needed their eyes tested! I was told by the optician that people usually have "normal" vision with the aid of glasses but I have superb vision when wearing mine *smug grin*. I needed slightly stronger distance glasses which meant I got to pick out two new pairs which I think I love! They are quite different from my last pair of glasses which are just a plain large frame with a dark plum colour. They didn't have any like that this time around...three years on!

After picking up the glasses we popped into Waterstones which is just opposite Specsavers, because it was pouring down, and got a pot of tea which was really nice. I really enjoy popping in there for tea or coffee as you can look out over the town and people watch.

I also had my driving lesson, I am (apparently) not too bad, I just need to trust myself more and let go of the fear that I'm going to make a mistake, story of my life! Every lesson he pulls me over to tell me this but I just get so worried that I'll ruin the car and have to pay for it! But we got onto roundabouts this week and my instructor expressed that I am better driving on the busy roads than on neighbourhood roads...does that make sense? Which I think is good, and I was pleased with that considering I was sure of a crash on the roundabout and a nervous blonde being held responsible :S

Finally, I started to work out and managed to lift much heavier than I thought I was capable of. I have wanted to work out properly for a while now, but my hate of exercise and getting sweaty has seriously put me off. I did an upper body workout and managed to lift 15kg on a bench press and bent over row. This was way more than I thought I could lift considering I bought myself little 1kg weights! I don't want to get built but toned and shapely and lose some of that fat that bugs me so much.

That's all for this week, apologies for the lack of pictures, I've not been able to take many that I've been happy with. Also, no sub headings as I'm just realising that all of this may have happened Wednesday... but I think I will be keeping them, what do you think?

Link up with Virginia by clicking this image :)

I hope you have a lovely week, and I'll see you next Friday for another Rocking Friday post (month anniversary woop woop!)

Friday, 21 July 2017

Rocking Friday Week 2

15/07/17 - 21/07/17

Hello again,

This is week two of me doing regular posts ;) I was hoping to have managed to put something else up midweek but I'm still figuring that out. This week has been a bit stressful but mostly good...

On Monday I had a visit from my Dad, we went to Wetherspoons and ate until my belly was pressing into my ribs! It was really lovely to have a catch up in the place that I live, and the food was good too!

Yum! And then cookie dough sandwich with ice cream *drool*


A few of my boyfriend's friends came over early in the week for a bit of a pizza and games night. It was really nice to see them, I see them as my friends too and I was pleased to hear a couple of them decide that I was 'one of the group'!  

We have arrived at David Tennant's Doctor...or should I say we're at the end of it. It's Catherine Tate's companion series and I am loving it. She is one of my favourite actresses/comedians, and I love that she was a part of Doctor Who. I love that she is more of a friend to the Doctor and doesn't fall in love with him, as all of the others seem to. Don't get me wrong I'd probably fall in love with him ;) but it's nice to see the friendship dynamic between the two.

On Thursday, we had planned to go on a hike and picnic and then go out for dinner. Unfortunately, when I checked the weather app that morning it had predicted heavy rain from early morning until about 3pm, as well as thunderstorms, so we ditched the hike plan in favour of another day. It rained for only one hour... *rolls eyes* at least it cooled the heat down a little. However, because it was the first full day both of us had had off of work and together for a while, we still wanted to do something. So we had the picnic indoors. We made turkey burgers, couscous salad, yoghurt and granola, and some fruit, and set up on a blanket in the living room.

In the evening we went out for dinner at Chimichanga's Tex Mex for the dinner fiesta, a deal where you can get a starter and a main each for £12.50 (per person). It was really yummy, and the decor was really cool, and although I'm pretty cheap when it comes to eating out, the boyfriend managed to convince me it was about average! Which I'm glad of because it was super tasty and worth spending some of the date night money!

My starter: chicken taquitos with guacamole

My main: beef picadillo burrito with lime and coriander rice

Conner's main: texan ribs

A couple of other happy points:

  1. Today we went on a walk around our neighbourhood, it's quite hilly so I think I'm going to call it cardio ;) Found a couple new spots to go and sit in whenever one or both of us need to get out of the house so that's nice too. 
  2. I do struggle a bit with the healthy eating because it just does not fill me up but, I actually found it quite easy being healthy today, considering the meal out last night! 
  3. Messaging a couple of my uni friends. I haven't spoken properly to them since uni so it was nice to get some meet ups in the planning stages. 
  4. Seeing this sunset on a walk home. 

That's all for this week, excuse the slightly blurry pictures as often I had to take them on the sly, and please let me know what you think of the weekday headers, I'm a bit unsure (of course).

Do join me again next week for another Rocking Friday post, and be sure to link up with Virginia

Have a good week!