Sunday, 9 October 2016

Second Year Musings

Hi there,

With my third week of my second year at University rapidly approaching I thought I'd talk a little about my first year.

My fresher's year was great, I loved it, it was one of those experiences which are all that you expected it to be whilst simultaneously leaves you having felt rather unprepared! I remember before I started University, The Student Room became my new pastime, I trawled through the forums reading up on other's first-year experiences as well as the difficulties some were facing to best prepare myself for what may be in store.

I soon discovered that my lecturers are lovely and the campus is so friendly, my subject is brilliant and to be studying it at a higher level is great. I was so nervous and having got lost and arrived late to one or two classes it was such a relief to be welcomed in rather than the awkward, embarrassing telling off I thought I'd receive in front of fifty trendy, smarter-than-me, disapproving students.

A few of the 'firsts' I encountered:
  • It was my first home away from home and the first place I lived alone (although it was a flat of six girls including myself)
  • First time I had real control over this kind of money, I had a summer job before starting uni and had pocket money etc so I'd had money, and I'd say I'm good at it but uni presented loans and grants, and eventually wages, that I needed to make sure I was making the best of. This I would say, is something I settled into quickly, I've always been pretty good with saving and budgeting and as long as my rent and food could be paid for I was happy.
  • First time I started going 'out-out'! I had never been clubbing before so freshers was a new to me and I always thought it would be something I didn't enjoy, and at first I struggled with it, I didn't like dancing in front of people I didn't know (that hasn't changed) and I liked to make sure I stayed close to the people I had gone with as I didn't want to end up in an environment I didn't know, alone. But I do like to occasionally head out, and it's been something I'm glad to have experienced and will continue to but I'm definitely not a party animal, I need my rest the next day! 
  • Organising all of my time. There were so many factors to include into my daily life, this sounds like a given but trying to meet with friends,uni friends, study before class, study after class, visit home, food shop, and so on, I love being independent but it can sometimes be a lot, considering I'm someone who is happy to stay in and read or catch up on tv! (Helpful note: Right when you think you're safe, remember you've missed someone or something out!) 
  • There are much more but as usual, these things escape my terrible memory. 

Mostly due to the fourth point I decided to create a list of eight second-year goals, which now that I'm thinking about it I'm guessing every student does this, but I'm hoping that by publishing them here it'll help me push myself to keep up with them. 
  1. Finish the year with at least a 2:1 overall 
  2. Join a/some societies (and actually go) 
  3. Get healthier - both eating and exercise 
  4. Take an internship in the Spring Easter term break or the Summer year break 
  5. Get another job 
  6. Study hard
  7. Travel
  8. Keep up with writing a blog 
And that's about all I can come up with at the moment, sorry this was more of a list post.  

Thank you for stopping by, 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rocking Your World Friday

Hi there, 

After promising myself that I would be really good at keeping up a blog, I have miserably and stupendously failed, I feel like I have been busy but when I look back over the past couple of weeks I struggle to think about what I've spent my time doing...I also found myself getting a little down the other week so thought I'd venture into Rocking Fridays (...on a Saturday) as they are a great way to find all the positives in your life. This may get a little long.

Okay so I moved into my second-year uni house about a month and a half ago (I didn't realise how long I'd been living here) and it's been great, it is currently only myself and one other living here at the moment but come September this will be a full house of five. The first couple of weeks were a little torturous, we had no internet and had to make several quests to my university library as well as hers for little snatches of internet time. It has been great living alone with one of my closest friends, we didn't see much of each other during our first year of uni so it's been really lovely to catch up and spend hours in the evening chatting, online shopping, watching tv together, and discussing books we hope to read. 

I've visited home a few times since finishing my first year, it was lovely to be able to spend some time with the family despite the exhaustion that comes with the madhouse that is home! The time before the last we went to see Finding Dory and had dinner in Pizza Hut which was a really nice treat, it was one of the few times I've been to the cinema with both my sisters and my mum due largely to the ridiculous cinema prices, but the new one that has recently been reopened at home charges only £3 per ticket, more than half of what a student or adult ticket would cost at any of the big name cinemas. 
We also visited Wild Woods last week and took a picnic. I haven't been for a couple of years (I think) and it was nice to see the new additions. 

(Clockwise) Goat, stork, little silver wolf, wild horse (and me and Logan), deer.

My youngest sister came back with me when I came back to my uni house and stayed for a two-night sleepover, we played truth or dare with my housemate, went on a picnic to a local play park, went shopping, stayed up late, and ate lots of ice cream. We also managed to catch a Punch and Judy show in the centre of town as we arrived which was pretty fun, I don't think either of us had ever seen one in real life. So a successful sleepover I'd say! 

The visits from my boyfriend over this summer have been really fun, he isn't able to come very often as he is working a full-time summer job at home but he always tries to come when he can and most of the time he is so knackered from work that we just laze around and catch up. A couple of weeks ago we tried out a local dessert cafe/restaurant called Kaspas which serves dessert waffles, crepes, sundaes, smoothies, coffee etc. He also popped up last night bearing microwave tikka, flowers, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream for a last minute visit. 

The strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake waffle with ice cream and a latte

A few other things that have made me smile the past few weeks, in no particular order: 
  1. I am slowly but surely unpacking my room, I know I've been living here a while but I hate unpacking so I'm getting there! 
  2. I was stressing for a couple of months about a couple of my modules clashing but they are now sorted and I can still take them both when I start my second year. 
  3. Messaging my Mum most days, I didn't realise this was uncommon for a uni student to message home but I found out from talking to other friends who have moved away from home that most just check in here and there, I am really glad I talk to my Mum as much as I do, I feel like we talk more now than when I was living at home (which is difficult because I'm a talker!). 
  4. The boyfriend buying me the latest Harry Potter book which I cannot wait to dive into as soon as I've finished my current reads and summer reading for uni. 
  5. Binging on Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I've seen a few shows here and there but my aunt lets me log into her account so I decided to start from the beginning so I could know the full story before watching the Netflix revival. 
That's all that I can remember for the past couple of weeks but I'm sure there have been lots of other positives, I have the worst memory imaginable. 

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Thank you for reading and be sure to link up with Virginia over at Celtic House to take part in Rocking Fridays. She created this weekly blog post to encourage you to look back on the positives from the past week, and posting them up on your blog or writing them down somewhere is a nice way of recording your time to look back on. 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Papergang unbox: June

Hi there,

A few days ago I received my first Papergang box from OhhDeer. If you are not familiar with this it is a monthly subscription box which is filled with lovely stationary and paper products, each one is designed with an artist and a theme in mind. July's box was a Gemma Correll takeover, which is brilliant, my mum and I practically squealed when we found out! 

This box contained: 
  a sheet of wrapping paper (£1.75) 
set of three washi tapes (£6.00)
a trio of A5 notebooks (£5.95)
a greetings card (£2.50)
post it notes (£3.50)
a dancing pug pen (price unavailable) 

The idea of the box is that you get a selection of stationary which are only available in the box for a limited amount of time before being released to the Ohh Deer website for sale.  I think the contents are really great value considering what you pay, the box was £9.95 with £1.95 delivery, and the subscription service is really flexible, allowing you to skip a box or you can sign up to prepay for a three, six or twelve-month subscription. 

You can visit Gemma Correll's website here which allows you to take a peek into her sketchbook and her daily diary. If you would like to sign up to a papergang subscription box I'd appreciate it very much if you used my referral link here

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely day.