Sunday, 9 October 2016

Second Year Musings

Hi there,

With my third week of my second year at University rapidly approaching I thought I'd talk a little about my first year.

My fresher's year was great, I loved it, it was one of those experiences which are all that you expected it to be whilst simultaneously leaves you having felt rather unprepared! I remember before I started University, The Student Room became my new pastime, I trawled through the forums reading up on other's first-year experiences as well as the difficulties some were facing to best prepare myself for what may be in store.

I soon discovered that my lecturers are lovely and the campus is so friendly, my subject is brilliant and to be studying it at a higher level is great. I was so nervous and having got lost and arrived late to one or two classes it was such a relief to be welcomed in rather than the awkward, embarrassing telling off I thought I'd receive in front of fifty trendy, smarter-than-me, disapproving students.

A few of the 'firsts' I encountered:
  • It was my first home away from home and the first place I lived alone (although it was a flat of six girls including myself)
  • First time I had real control over this kind of money, I had a summer job before starting uni and had pocket money etc so I'd had money, and I'd say I'm good at it but uni presented loans and grants, and eventually wages, that I needed to make sure I was making the best of. This I would say, is something I settled into quickly, I've always been pretty good with saving and budgeting and as long as my rent and food could be paid for I was happy.
  • First time I started going 'out-out'! I had never been clubbing before so freshers was a new to me and I always thought it would be something I didn't enjoy, and at first I struggled with it, I didn't like dancing in front of people I didn't know (that hasn't changed) and I liked to make sure I stayed close to the people I had gone with as I didn't want to end up in an environment I didn't know, alone. But I do like to occasionally head out, and it's been something I'm glad to have experienced and will continue to but I'm definitely not a party animal, I need my rest the next day! 
  • Organising all of my time. There were so many factors to include into my daily life, this sounds like a given but trying to meet with friends,uni friends, study before class, study after class, visit home, food shop, and so on, I love being independent but it can sometimes be a lot, considering I'm someone who is happy to stay in and read or catch up on tv! (Helpful note: Right when you think you're safe, remember you've missed someone or something out!) 
  • There are much more but as usual, these things escape my terrible memory. 

Mostly due to the fourth point I decided to create a list of eight second-year goals, which now that I'm thinking about it I'm guessing every student does this, but I'm hoping that by publishing them here it'll help me push myself to keep up with them. 
  1. Finish the year with at least a 2:1 overall 
  2. Join a/some societies (and actually go) 
  3. Get healthier - both eating and exercise 
  4. Take an internship in the Spring Easter term break or the Summer year break 
  5. Get another job 
  6. Study hard
  7. Travel
  8. Keep up with writing a blog 
And that's about all I can come up with at the moment, sorry this was more of a list post.  

Thank you for stopping by, 

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